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Notes from Parish Council meeting, July 2013

The July meeting of Garsington’s Parish Council was on Monday. All but two of the Parish Councillors attended, as did our County Councillor, District Councillor, Parish Clerk, and one member of the public (me). Expect the official minutes to be approved at next month’s meeting and published on Garsington Parish Council’s website sometime after that. In the meantime here are a few unofficial notes I took.

  • The most recent speed monitoring on Oxford Road has finished but the PC has not yet received the results. Possibility of OCC painting 30mph limit roundels on the roads at the entrances to the village.
  • The planning investigation relating to 9 Kiln Lane is ongoing.
  • The recent audit noted some issues that need addressing before the next one.
  • Planning application P13/S1346/HH for 15 Pettiwell – PC recommended refusing permission.
  • Discussion about tidiness of the Burial Ground.
  • Arrival of a plaque to mark that Parsler’s Piece is now a Field In Trust
  • Discussion about wooden bollards to protect the verges on the corners of Wheatley Road, North Manor and Denton Lane. (No decision. Expect it on the agenda for next month.)

The next meeting will be Monday 05 August.