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What do you want to see in the Garsington Plan?

Around 450 individual post-it slips gave an idea of the positive views, concerns and suggestions of those present at the initial meeting, covering eight provided categories, such as: Crime and Community Safety, Environment, and Road traffic & transport.
On the plus side, the village is seen as having “the basics” – such as a village hall and school; services and activities, such as the newsletter and the new lunch club for older people; and it is an attractive village. There were more specific concerns and suggestions, the more frequently mentioned examples including:

  • Provide safe pavements & footpaths
  • Improve traffic calming
  • Improve reliability of public transport
  • Improve pothole repair
  • Improve broadband coverage
  • Provide a pre-school group
  • Volunteers to remove litter
  • Organise volunteer cars for the elderly and unwell
  • Affordable housing for young people
  • Smaller housing units for single people
  • Activities for younger people
  • Provide playground in lower village
  • More opportunities for adult recreation

As a result of these, we have already organized a Litter-Pick Sunday. However these are only the ideas of those present – who did not represent older people or young families, for example – what do you want?