Monthly Archives: December 2014

Garsington Plan Update: Finalising the Plan

A draft version of the Garsington Plan is now in existence. It has been circulated to the members of the Parish Council, who have offered their comments and amendments. The next step will be to send the revised draft to South Oxfordshire District Council and Oxfordshire County Council. (I should hasten to add that this is not because these authorities have right of veto, but because their wider understanding of the issues can be very helpful. This was certainly the case with the draft Survey that we submitted.)
All being well, this means that we should have a final draft ready for printing before Christmas. That would suggest that we will actually make the Plan available in the very early New Year. We are still considering how best to go about this task.
The Plan in full will be about 30 pages long. It will certainly be available electronically on our website. Our thinking at present is that we should produce for every household in the village a much shorter version – say, 4 pages long -, but containing all the action points. A smaller number of printed copies of the full version would then be produced and made available on demand. This approach is based on the Steering Group’s assumption that not everyone will want to receive a thick-ish wad of paper on their doorstep and, of course, on considerations of cost. If, however, you have any thoughts about this way of proceeding, please don’t hesitate to let us know.