Have your Say – the Garsington Plan Survey is coming to you

The chance to have a say in the future of your village does not come around very often. Do not let it slip through your hands! By the time you read this article, I hope a copy of the Garsington Plan Survey will have arrived at your door. The answers you give will help shape the Garsington Plan when it is published at the end of the year.
A named person from the village will deliver two copies to you and will return to collect them on a given date. Additional copies are available on request – we want you to complete the Survey as an individual, and not as a household.
The Survey is asking you to tell us about the things that really matter to you. It is in two parts. The bigger part is a Questionnaire. Some of the questions ask for your views and preferences. Some ask whether you would be prepared to back a particular course of action. The Questionnaire is anonymous – no person or household can be identified from a completed Questionnaire.
Please note that there are some issues we already know about. If a particular question is missing from the Questionnaire as a result of the work we have already done, this does not mean that the subject will not be included in the Garsington Plan.
The last 2 pages of the Survey are separate. They ask how you would like to be involved in present or future activities in Garsington. For these purposes, we do ask for your name and contact details. The name and contact details will also be used to enter you in a Prize Draw, with the possibility of winning a three-course meal for up to 4 people at the Three Horseshoes!
This may all seem to add up to a lot of questions, but they are mostly answered by ticking boxes. We have pilot-tested the Survey on some of our volunteers and it should not take you more than about 20 minutes to complete. This does not seem a huge investment of time to have your say on the future of your village!