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What do you want to see in the Garsington Plan?

Around 450 individual post-it slips gave an idea of the positive views, concerns and suggestions of those present at the initial meeting, covering eight provided categories, such as: Crime and Community Safety, Environment, and Road traffic & transport.
On the plus side, the village is seen as having “the basics” – such as a village hall and school; services and activities, such as the newsletter and the new lunch club for older people; and it is an attractive village. There were more specific concerns and suggestions, the more frequently mentioned examples including:

  • Provide safe pavements & footpaths
  • Improve traffic calming
  • Improve reliability of public transport
  • Improve pothole repair
  • Improve broadband coverage
  • Provide a pre-school group
  • Volunteers to remove litter
  • Organise volunteer cars for the elderly and unwell
  • Affordable housing for young people
  • Smaller housing units for single people
  • Activities for younger people
  • Provide playground in lower village
  • More opportunities for adult recreation

As a result of these, we have already organized a Litter-Pick Sunday. However these are only the ideas of those present – who did not represent older people or young families, for example – what do you want?

The Garsington Plan

In January, over 60 people attended a meeting on how to “Make Garsington a Better Place” arranged by the Parish Council. Anton Nath, from Oxfordshire Rural Community Council (ORCC), explained the benefits other local villages had achieved by developing Community Led Plans.
People identified what they liked about Garsington, what they disliked, and what changes they would like to see (summarized in What do you want to see in the Garsington Plan?). The meeting was overwhelmingly in favour of developing a Plan for Garsington; eight people volunteered to form the steering group, and 20 volunteered to help with follow-up activities. The steering group has now met a couple of times to plan the next steps using ORCC’s nine step process.
We very much hope that you will want to contribute to the Plan and feel able to do so. We shall shortly be consulting with everyone in the village about possibilities and priorities, and we will keep you fully informed of progress through the parish newsletter, our website at and via village events.